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The BPSI Consultant Advisers focus on your school’s priorities, creating bespoke solutions to support your staff and contribute to their ongoing professional development.

BPSI member schools have access to a number of highly skilled professionals.  Membership of the partnership entitles you to open access to our training programme and an allocation of consultancy hours, the amount (in line with your annual charge) is based on your pupil numbers.  These hours can be used to source consultancy in your school based on your identified needs.  Should you require more consultancy than your allocated hours, this can be purchased at a significant discount.

Here are a few examples of what we offer:

Are you Ofsted ready?

Preparing your school for an Ofsted inspection, while keeping up-to-date with the latest requirements, can be challenging. This programme will support you and your school to meet the challenges of an inspection before it happens so that you can perform at your best when that call comes.

Evaluating and improving the impact of the school's work

This is a series of visits carried over the school year.  Schools will benefit from regular challenge and support from a consultant with proven experience in successful leadership.

BPSI Support Programme for new headteachers

The programme will provide a sounding board and challenge for new headteachers in order that they fully consider all options and develop their own evaluations, professional style and school improvement priorities.



Here are some of our BPSI Consultants

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For more information contact
BPSI Support Team
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  • “Helen was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the review. It was a very useful session. Many thanks.”
    Helen Cheung
  • “I found the sessions extremely useful and now have a clearer idea of my plans for the school. This was an invaluable session with lots of ideas and planning to go back into class straightaway. All teachers felt it made a positive impact on their own knowledge”
    Feedback from consultancy evaluation
  • “Staff said they were inspired and that is evident in our observations.”
    Consultancy support reviews from school staff