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BPSI School Review

The BPSI School Review process forms part of the Monitoring and Challenge element of the Partnership.  The key principle is that schools, supported by the LA and BPSI, have an overriding responsibility to routinely monitor, review and evaluate what they do.  In order to build capacity within the school headteachers, deputy headteachers and other senior staff will be invited to work alongside their colleagues carrying out the review of learning and teaching and where appropriate other areas of the review process.

‚ÄčThe findings of the BPSI School Review will help schools to identify strengths and weaker areas so that the former can be celebrated and disseminated and the latter can be supported.  BPSI would be happy to work with the school to provide this support so that pupil learning is enhanced and standards rise.


How to arrange a BPSI School Review

1. Contact BPSI who will send you a list of Lead reviewers and their contact details (click the Contact Us button)
2. Liaise with your chosen Lead reviewer to arrange a mutually convenient date for your review
3. The Lead reviewer will contact BPSI who will arrange the supporting heads and co-ordinate the review


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For more information contact
BPSI Support Team
020 8359 6325 / 6341 / 6306