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Other BPSI Reviews

In addition to the BPSI School and Governance Review, BPSI also offer the following reviews:


EYFS Review

The BPSI EYFS School Review process forms part of the Monitoring and Challenge element of the Partnership.  The key principle is that schools, supported by the LA and BPSI, have an overriding responsibility to routinely monitor, review and evaluate what they do.  In order to build capacity within the school headteachers, deputy headteachers, EYFS leaders and other senior staff will be invited to work alongside their colleagues carrying out the review of learning and teaching and where appropriate other areas of the review process.

Pupil Premium Review

The Pupil Premium Review Guide has been developed by BPSI to support schools in ensuring that a Pupil Premium review commissioned from System Leaders in Barnet will follow a planned, staged framework, will be consistent and of high quality. System leaders have received bespoke training for delivering reviews using the guide.


ICT Review

There is an ever increasing burden on schools to take on more and more reforms, such as changes to the National Curriculum, Ofsted, Assessment, Community Engagement etc. The smart and appropriate use of ICT can help you meet these challenges, not just for Teaching and Learning, but for Leadership, Management and Administration too.

Now is the time to review your school's ICT Capabilities in all aspects of ICT (Technical/Operational/Educational/ICT Costs) and see how and where improvements can be made, as well as where to save costs. BPSI offer a comprehensive ICT Review where you can choose all or some of the elements that make up the programme and one of the outputs is a detailed ICT Report which includes review findings and a 3 year ICT Development Plan.



Safeguarding Review

Schools have a key role in keeping children safe and promoting their welfare as part of the legal requirements of the Education Act 2002. The statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education' July 2015 provides a framework for schools to ensure compliance in their operating procedures.

Regular monitoring is important to ensure that your school or establishment has strong policies, procedures and mechanisms in place to fulfil these requirements that have kept pace with recent changes, including the Prevent duty; it will also help in preparing for safeguarding aspects of inspections by Ofsted or other relevant inspectorates.



School Website Review

Is your school’s website compliant with the DfE’s expectations?

‚ÄčEvery local-authority-maintained school must publish specific information on its website to comply with The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012.

Ofsted Inspectors may view a school's website prior to, or during, an inspection to ensure it meets DfE regulations.



SEND Review

Any setting is able to commission a SEND review in order to evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. This includes mainstream settings, alternative provisions and specialist settings. A SEND review should help to ensure that all children, in all educational settings, achieve their very best, including the skills and qualifications that they need for successful transition, further education and employment.

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