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SEND and Inclusion

Educational Psychology team (EPT)

The Barnet educational psychology team provides psychological services to children and young people aged 2 to 25, their families and the people who work with them. Educational psychologists (EPs) work in a range of education and care contexts. The team values early intervention and prevention.


Our EPs can be used for a range of work including assessment, promoting psychological well-being, inclusion and raising standards across the full range of age and abilities.

EPs support schools and educational settings to provide effective identification of Special Educational Needs (SEN), implement appropriate SEN support and deliver high quality provision to meet the diverse range of needs that make up the school or community setting.

The team applies researched and effective models of psychology with schools, other educational and care settings, families, children and multi-agency partners to manage significant challenges and bring about positive change. Work is based on a consultation model and is evaluated on an assess-plan-do-review cycle with other professionals and parents or carers. The school or setting determines the type of work, if it is ethical, appropriate and there is parental or young person consent for our involvement.

A key focus is to help, support, empower or inform professionals and parents or carers in fulfilling their roles through the joint use of psychological techniques, knowledge, and approaches.


Examples of EP support:

  • contribute to the inclusion and effective education and care of children and young people with special educational and emotional and behavioural needs
  • promote emotional wellbeing through effective behaviour management and the prevention of exclusion of vulnerable children and young people
  • develop and streamline policy, practice and performance management.


The focus of work can be at the following levels:

  • strategic, systems and organisational level
  • population, group and class level
  • individual child, young person, staff, adult and family level.


Principal activities include:

  • consultation and problem solving with school staff, parents and children
  • psychological assessment and interventions
  • training and school development
  • critical incident support.


Specialist activities include:

  • resilience programmes
  • therapeutic interventions
  • literacy interventions.


In addition to being experienced and fully qualified educational psychologists, all Barnet EPs are Chartered (or eligible for Chartered status) by the British Psychological Society. They are all registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).



Case Studies


For more information contact
Philip Stock
Head of Specialist Inclusion Services
& Principal Education Psychologist
020 8359 2681


  • “Our Ed. Psych has always been very supportive and thorough. Whenever I have contacted her, she has always listened to my queries or concerns and offered helpful advice.”
    From 2017 Satisfaction survey
  • “We have been delighted with the helpfulness and professionalism of the EP service. The EP's flexibility has been much appreciated.”
    From 2017 Satisfaction survey
  • “Our EP has been absolutely fantastic in supporting pupils with SEN. The advice and recommendations given have been invaluable.”
    From 2017 Satisfaction survey